Artist Statement January 2021.



 Talking about abstract art in a meaningful way is difficult.

Embedding and conveying emotion into an abstract piece of art is difficult.

Exposing one’s personality and frailties through abstract art is difficult.

Being aware of the process involved in making abstract art in an intelligent and lucid way is difficult.


I am trying to do all of these.

It is difficult.


I have started on a path. It is for me a challenging path and one that I am creating as I move along.

To discover why I am trying to do this is part of the progress. This is not the beginning but more a contemplative breath before continuing.


I’ve had an interest in patterns, space, time, complexity and fragmentation for many years. It’s not until I stopped to think about what it is I’m trying to achieve that I realised how little I knew about my work and how it relates to myself. This is my starting point. It is the beginning of a path of development and discovery into my mind, my emotions and into why I produce the work I do. I want to understand more about the way I perceive the world around me and to try and develop a way to make my personal presence inclusive and apparent in the artwork.


Each new piece has an undefined starting point and an end point that is based on what emerges through the process of creating. I try to let my emotions and thoughts drift out as I make marks, developing ideas that present themselves to me as I work. It is a constant feedback loop of marks, thoughts and feelings.


Trying to break from the security of old habits and to embrace new ideas that present themselves to me is part of the journey that I am now embarking on. It feels like it will be a difficult and long road. It also feels right.




Statement 2020


Having a fascination with space and the complexity of forms within it, I am inspired by many things...

A tree with seemingly infinite leaves and intertwining branches that confuses me.

A machine with various interacting parts that beguiles me.

The interplay of man-made structures within the landscape that fascinates me.

The profusion of thoughts that preoccupy my mind, leaving me with feelings of bewilderment and contemplation.


My artwork tends to border on the abstract and I use mediums such as painting, drawing, printing and collage.


Being forever baffled and perplexed by the world around me, my artwork helps me along an evolving pathway allowing me to express my feelings and observations on the world in a visual way.


A Question Of Identity.

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