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SUNDOG SLIDE  Original Music


In the summer of 2022 we recorded seven songs of original music. We called this collection TOPSOIL, after a story of how we first met. These songs, recorded live and in one take, were a simple representation of how the duo sounded playing live. Time went by and we both wondered what the songs would sound like with some double bass on, maybe an extra guitar track, and some harmonies too. Curiosity finally got the better of us and in spring 2023 we decided to overdub a few extra layers on to the songs. The result is here as TOPSOIL Reseeded. 

This version of TOPSOIL was released with global distribution in July 2023 and is available on all major streaming services for download and streaming.

Of course, not everybody is affiliated with any streaming services so we have posted the audio files here in full so you can stream them directly for free.

We're nice like that.

As independent artists we fund everything ourselves.
If you'd like to support us in our continuing endeavours please consider purchasing the download of TOPSOIL Reseeded. The songs are available to buy either as single tracks or as an album and are available pretty much anywhere including ITunes, Amazon, YouTube, Deezer, Spotify - and many more.

We hope you enjoy our music.

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