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Tracy Neil  Original Music

This album is a collection of songs recently written by myself.

Between 2020 and 2021, during the pandemic and throughout the various lock-downs, I recorded the songs at home. The drums were then remotely added by the talented Tim Parker.

It was a challenging and interesting process sending audio files to each other and then tweaking the results to get the pieces to fit.

There is no real theme to the album as a whole, just my usual vague observations on life in general, coupled with my own slightly angst view of the world, and my humble place within it.

Most of the material was written before the pandemic but the lock-downs gave me the opportunity to step back and pull together the songs into an album.

The exception to this is the title track 'Gone To Ground' which, even though it is the only instrumental track on the album, seems to me to capture some of the feelings of alienation and withdrawal the situation created.

Of course, some of the songs here, such as Shine and What Y'Gonna Do, are bubbling with hope and fun. Some, such as, Ringside Seat and No Bones are bordering on feisty while Moonshine is full of longing.

Have a listen and make your own mind up.

Cheers. TN.

High St. is a collection of songs written by Tracy Neil. It was recorded in Bristol in 2007. The album was never released worldwide until December 2023. It is now available on all streaming platforms. Most of the instruments are played by Tracy Neil, however, the album was brought to life with the help of some very talented friends.

Even though these songs were written and recorded a while back, to me, they are as relevant now as they were originally, and are still quite often in my live sets.

The album title is taken from the street I lived in when I lived in Easton, Bristol. It was a particularly fun and creative time for me, and although I miss the  friends that were around me at the time, I look back to that time with fondness.


High St.
Some songs by Tracy Neil
Recorded in Easton Bristol 2007
Mixed by Tracy Neil and Phil Turner
Mastered by Phil Turner
Thunder over High Street is a delta Del/Tracy Neil creation


Tracy Neil:  vox, guitars, slide, bass, banjo, ebow.
Delta Del: guitar
Nicole McIntyre: vocals
Chris Davison, Guitar, vox
Ian Curgenven: percussion
Nick Ingram: Harmonica

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